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Chapter meeting

Since I didn't get any responses, i am just going to go ahead and schedule a meeting for Saturday Feb 4th at 1:00 at Cutters Point Coffee which is on pacific Ave, pretty much right across the street from Occupy Tacoma. Those of you who are part of OT know exactly where it is

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Sorry for not replying David. I have just a huge amount of "stuff" on my plate right now. However, I will see if Misha wants to go; I know I do, but we may have things planned. I'll let you know.

David, I messaged Misha and she wants to go, so we're planning on being there ;)


awesome. See you all there

So today, we had our first chapter meeting, with 5 of us showing up.


Issues we discussed were a having a survival plan, as well as having a teach in at Occupation park, or a Town hall event, either at a library, or occupation park.

We did not schedule another meeting, so I would like to do that now.


Same Cutters Point as today, Tuesday Feb 7th, at 4:00 pm. Let me know if you can make it, and then I would really like to set the meetings every tuesday at 4:00pm.




So i called about the taste of tacoma thing I and takled with someone and I'm waiting for a call back about their guideslines because normally,if you are a vender there's fees of 15 dollars for the application  and you have to have a bussiness liscense  so trying to by past that not sure if were going to be allowed to set up a booth but I had an interesting conversation about just walking around and handing out information and t-shirts if thats what we decide to do.

cool, we will discuss this at todays meeting.

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Any scheduled meetings for the next month? I would like to join in, if I am able.


Welcome to the group.

Meetings are scheduled for every Tuesday at 4:00 pm at the Mad Hat.  If you click on the calendar, you can find a map of where The Mad Hat is located. We are discussing moving the meetings to Sundays, but that decision has not been made.


Also, if you are available on May 1st, come down to Wright park for the general strike. a few us will be there.



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Am I to assume there will not be a meeting this coming Tuesday since the park event will be happening?

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Joe, we will still have a meeting, it will be at Wright park, during the event. It will be informal, as most of our meetings have been so far.

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Ah, of course. Very well then, David. I shall be there.

My agenda for the Tuesday 05-08-2012 meeting will be as follows.

Personal introductions

One Planet Project

Zeitgeist Media Festival

Personal "proposals": Mine has to do with spreading awareness at the city council meeting, since we usually go to these after the meetings.


If you have anything for the agenda, please post it.


Teamspeak meeting at 4:30 tonight

Updates to Chapter meetings:

Online meetings

We are going to start having our online chapter meetings on Google Hangouts instead of the teamspeak server. Please send an email to zeitgeistadvance@gmail.com if you would like to participate in those meetings. You do not have to have a camera or mic to participate as there is a chat box. You should have some type of sound equipment though. If you don't have speakers/headphones, I would suggest the craigslist free section or a thrift store.


Live meetings.

We have been discussing moving our weekly in person meetings to bi-weekly, and also moving them to Sundays. If you have any objections to this, now is the time to say so.

I second Sundays and bi-weekly, but only if someone reminds me what week it is:)

I am sure we con convince someone to keep the calendar up to date.Laughing

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